Zero Trace Camera and Private Photo Gallery.

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Hidely - Private Photo App


"Some things should stay hidden."

Zero Trace Camera

Take encrypted photos with the Zero Trace Camera that are saved only to Hidely.

Hidden Gallery

View the photos you’ve taken or imported in your Passcode protected gallery.

Secure Sharing

Share photos with friends with a private link that only allows them to view in Hidely.

Hidely - Hidden Photo App

Passcode Protected

Your Hidely gallery is Passcode protected so prying eyes can't view your photos.

Sophisticated Encryption

Encryption technologies ensure your photos can’t be accessed by others.

Import from Camera Roll

Keep private photos out of your phone's gallery for good by importing them into Hidely.

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  • Is this safer than cloud storage?

    Yes. With cloud storage, photos are stored on a server. With Hidely, the encrypted photos are stored on your device and only viewable within Hidely.

  • Can I share photos from Hidely with friends?

    Yes. You can send a link to an encrypted photo via SMS and email. If they don't have Hidely, they will need to download it first, since photos are only viewable within the app. If they do have Hidely, after they click the link the photo will be added to their Hidely gallery.

  • What does “zero trace” mean?

    Zero Trace means that photos stored using Hidely are encrypted and their contents are unknown – and unknowable – to everyone except you. Hidely leaves no trace of the photos on your camera roll, they only reside in the app. Sharing these photos leaves zero trace too, as the link expires within 24 hours or after the first time it is clicked. Shared photos can only be accessed by your friends within Hidely. Note: Zero Trace also applies to your passcode, so please remember it. We will not be able to help you recover it.

  • After I import a photo into Hidely, if I delete the original from my device will it delete from Hidely?

    No. The photo will be safe and encrypted in your Hidely gallery.

  • How secure is my passcode?

    Your passcode is as secure as you make it. Since photos stored in your Hidely account are to remain private, we would suggest creating a unique passcode that is different from your other accounts.

  • What happens if I lose my passcode?

    Unfortunately, we cannot help you recover your passcode. If you lose or forget it, you will not be able to enter your hidden gallery.

  • What happens to my photos if I delete Hidely?

    If you delete Hidely you will lose access to all of the photos you had in your Hidely gallery.

Hidely - Secure Photo Sharing App
  • I hope everyone takes the time to use this app and secure photos that aren't meant for the public.

    — BrokenBravado —

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